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Bearded Dragon Forum UK 6ft full setup in 180cm x 60cm x 60cm (72x24x24) Flat Packed

colour of vivarium
Upgrade UV to T5 lighting rig
Add a Spare UV light tube
Spare Heat Bulb (recommended)
Calcium supplements ( recommended)
calcium and multi vitamin supplement (recommended)
Upgrade thermostat
Upgrade Thermometer to Thermometer/hygrometer
Add UV reflector for uv tube (recommended)
Add secondary heat source (recommended)
Add water bowl ( recommended)

RRP: £371.93
Our Price: £289.30
Full Bearded Dragon Set-up

Included in this kit is
6x2x2 vivarium (exact dimensions are 180cm wide x 60cm high x 60cm front to back) specification is per our usual 6x2x2 vivarium although extra grooves are put in place for some cables.
T8 42" Arcadia 10% UVB Strip light
Arcadia T8 UV Light controller
Exo Terra 150W Tight Beam Heat bulb
Komodo Cermaic holder pre wired with plug for heat lamp. 
Microclimate B2HT Dimming Thermostat for high temperature.
2x Digital Thermometers.
King British sealant to make your vivarium last longer.
Beaphar deep clean disinfectant cleaner.

Optional Extras.

Upgrade UV light system to the Arcadia T5 lighting system for improved UV.

Spare uv tube choose from a spare T5 or T8 uv tube for your vivarium. Only choose spare T5 if you have upgrade the uv system to T5

Spare heat bulb Choose between a cheap light bulb or the Quality Exo Terra bulb that comes with the kit allows worth getting a spare heat bulb just incase it blows.

Extra Bowl           Medium Exo terra Bowl add one or two bowls
Calcium Supplement  Nutrobol 100g Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement.
                                Nutrobol 250g Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement.
                                100g bag of pure calcium powder (unbranded)

Upgrade Thermostat. You can upgrade your thermostat to the latest generation of thermostat with touch screen control, data logging and lots of functions.

Upgrade Digital thermometers to combined Hygrometers'Thermometers. This allows you to upgrade one or both of you digital thermometer to combined digital hygrometers and thermometers.

Add a UV light reflector. This increases the amount of uv light to you lizard. Reflecting upto 100% more uv down.

Secondary heating. This option is great if your house is cool during the day or night. Can be used to help the heat light obtain a higher temperature during the day and/or to keep the temperature higher during the night when the rest of the bulbs are out. Also great as a back up heat source incase your heat bulb blows and you do not have spare.

This full set-up should be purchased before you get your Bearded Dragon. It takes about 20-40 minutes to set up but the sealant should be left 12-24 hours to dry before adding the decor. Grooves in the back of the vivarium mean adding the cables for the UV light and heater is easy. 

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