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Ready Built Vivariums

Ready built vivariums are sealed with aquarium grade sealant. 
They are edged on the back and biscuit jointed so there are no visable fixings.
Still the same great quality 18mm MFC superpan boards are used for the whole vivarium including the backs.
Large 76mm vents are used. 
The best on the market these vivs are 250% stronger than others on the maket and 1400% more thermally efficient making them more economical to run.
Ready built set-ups cost most to deliver so please add to cart to show the delivery cost.
Most of the vivariums are delivered on a pallet as this is the safest way to transport the vivariums with couriers.
Often more than one vivarium will fit on a pallet so ordering more than one vivarium will not increase the cost of delivery.